Спорт в моей жизни

Подведены итоги конкурса сочинений

Доцент кафедры современных технологий перевода Т.И. Голикова организовала и провела творческий конкурс на лучшее сочинение на тему «Спорт в моей жизни (ко II Европейским играм 2019)» и его перевод на английский язык. В творческом конкурсе, приуроченном к интереснейшему событию нашего города – II Европейским играм в Минске, приняли участие 40 студентов 3 курса факультета межкультурных коммуникаций. Были определены 3 победителя:

1 место – Алина Базунова

2 место – Елизавета Борисевич

3 место –Евгений Каплунов

Специальным призом жюри за нестандартный подход к заданию также был отмечен Роман Алексейченко, студент 317 группы.

За творческий подход к написанию работ и любовь к спорту студенты были награждены грамотами Минского государственного лингвистического университета.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию работу победителя Алины Базуновой на английском языке

Sport in my life
(to the 2nd European Games 2019)

For every person sport is an essential part of life. Sport helps us not only stay healthy and keep fit, but also relieve stress after a hard day. It is not necessary to be a professional athlete to practice any kind of sport. If you do not have much time to sign up for a sports club, it is enough to do exercises in the morning, which will give you energy for the whole day.

As for me, many years ago I was doing rhythmic gymnastics. My story began on the day when my mother decided to take me to the casting, where they were selecting future champions. I was only 7 years old. I remember my mom's words: “If you do not like it, then I will not force you to do what you are uncomfortable with.” In fact, it is very important, as many parents force their children to do things that their children do not like at all.

During the casting, I could see other girls who had been doing gymnastics for a long time. They were all in a good shape and their movements looked graceful, so gymnastics seemed to be something stunning and unusual. I got interested and the casting made it clear to the judges who made the selection that I intended to turn gymnastics not only to my hobby but to connect my future life with it.

Many people think that gymnastics are just beautiful movements performed by beautiful girls. No one ever thought about what it costs to the gymnasts. Recalling the past days, I can say that gymnastics takes a lot of time and effort. I trained a lot, sometimes I did not sleep at night and I was constantly controlling my weight, so as not to gain an extra gram. Gymnastics was worth it because it was my little world filled with bright colors, ups and downs.

Unfortunately, I had to quit gymnastics. This was the only possible way out, as I had received a serious injury and according to the doctor’s words, further gymnastics could be dangerous to my health.

Of course, I would like to attend competitions in rhythmic gymnastics at the II European Games in Minsk. Watching the young girls who rush forward in order to achieve high results, I can recollect my past days. But I will be working as a steward.

If you have something without what you cannot live, whether it is just a thing, a hobby or something else, enjoy it right now! Do not think about the future and do not recall the past, because right now you are living in the present.




18 мая 2016